I was searching the web for sales productivity tools to try to find additional ways to save time in the day. I stumbled across this article, and found it worthwhile. I don't necessarily recommend the exact products they mentioned (mainly because I haven't used them all), but it got me thinking of the "categories" that I can further optimize.

For example, Motivation. I thought, "What mini games or metrics can I implement or track to keep me motivated?" etc.

Here's the site:

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 I found this to be a well-written valuable article. I like the specific examples and details about each tool. The information is very useful, and I can't wait to implement the tools I am missing. 
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Mike Cartwright
Insightful article from the guys at Tenfold (as always). We're using their CTI to integrate our CRM, phone system, email server, and live chat software increasing our productivity. We subscribe to their newsletter, too! They have a lot of useful tips and informative articles coming in every week.
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