What is the biggest mistake startups make when it comes to sales?
90% of statistics are made up on the spot. 
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Trying to sell FEATURES and not focusing on the desired business outcome of the prospect!  Check this resource out - it's a great foundation for making sure you have a strong value prop.

It will help you avoid the old "show up and throw up" method...

get big in tech.
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Mike Cartwright
Some startups are too focused to sell their product/services that they tend to forget to get to know the client, the client's need and the client's desired business outcome before pitching. Here's an article I read the other week, the ideas are the same. Hope you find this useful. 
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James Anderson
It's the lack of awareness technique that affects the growth of sales. One should make efforts to generate awareness among more prospectus so that it becomes easy to generate lead further.
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The biggest mistake the startups make is not understanding the technique to sales and objection handling. These skills can be attained by them only when they review the calls and listen to recorded calls. Surely that can be a time-consuming task but that will help them to take a great leap in their job. We provide an AI-enabled meeting assistant that automatically transcribes the calls and provide a summary, highlights, and lot more to it. It is a free productive tool that helps to review the calls in no time. You can check it here https://notes.marsview.ai/login
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