Hi all!

We're on the hunt for teams to be part of a PhD Research Study into conflict within the B2B Sales Team.
The study is being run by Rob Macgregor - Rob is a people performance specialist and has run Spirit West Management for 27 years - coaching executives in business performance.

We're looking looking for B2B Sales Teams (with 20+ B2B Sales Team Members) to complete a short, anonymous survey (of no more than 30 minutes!). In return, we would send you a conflict-performance health report for your team, as well as provide a two-hour consultation to review results, discuss recommendations and answer questions.

Does anyone have a team that would be interested????

Your participation would be of tremendous value to our project and would be so appreciated. (And it would give teams/managers some useful ways to reduce negative conflict!)

Reply here or send us a message at rob.roy.mcgregor@ltu.se

Thank you so much! 🙂

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