Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good free tools or plugins that help a.) find emails or b.) find direct dials for phone numbers? Any suggestions would be helpful.

If not, a decent consolation would be good paid tools. I've liked zoominfo in the past but we're very small and they have an $11k annual minimum.
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For emails, i've used
Very reasonable pricing, imo.
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Bob I only just joined. The answer where to find "tools or plugins that help a.) find emails or b.) find direct dials for phone numbers" I'd say partially depends on your industry, some sectors just aren't enough technology driven to locate their details online. But for most business emails and main telephone numbers there exist countless fully automatic data scraping tools that yield good results without work on your part. Direct dials not though. Who would publish their phone lists online, and why should someone. That would negate the function of gatekeepers.

But as example for the first part, not entirely free but almost, what is called the "warriorforum" (stupid name) often has "offers" of such tools. Not from there but from the actual seller's website, I recently acquired for a few dollar a "leadfinder" sw that again does an incredible job. I had similar sw in the past, and they typically are all pretty good: If any detail is anywhere online, a good tool finds it, at least 70% to 95% of the time. In particular emails, a bit less so phone numbers.

In the $39 "leadfinder" sw I got, one can search any industry, any keywords. Currently working my way through (cold calling) I am pleasantly surprised how good the data is. This particular sw though only scans websites of businesses that rank in google, and only the first 200. However, adding human brains takes the limit away: You just make searches that vary location and/or keywords, and bang you can find anything and everything published anywhere online. I stressed websites of businesses, because other scraping tools exist that can find personal mobile numbers, not all obviously, but many. The "leadfinder" sw does not (unless published on the business website, which is the case for smaller/ sole owner businesses in many cases).

I hope this is what you needed to know?
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