Hi everyone!

For those of you who manage a sales team, have you thought about adding gamification to the mix in order to create a more fun, competitive atmosphere? 

Check out this new tool that I recommend!
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Mike Cartwright
Hi, Kaleigh! Gamification is an awesome feature that motivates our sales and customer support team! Those who see their names on the leaderboard gain a sense of accomplishment while those whose names aren't on it work harder to get on that much-coveted leaderboard.

We've been using Tenfold as our CTI provider and among its features is gamification. We reinforce it with incentives and gift certificates and so far it's working tremendously!
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The results really are incredible by adding a simple monitor or screen to display reps' stats that everyone can see. It increased performance, teamwork, motivation, even morale. During March Madness we made a competitive bracket between reps and they would compete against each other for the day, eventually trickling down into a championship. It was fun and worked well. We just used a simple in house program to display the data.
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