I'm curious how the Software as a Service sales cycle differs from other types of sales cycles? Or is it the same? What makes SaaS unique?

I'm considering getting into SaaS as an account executive. 
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I'm not sure that it differs too much. Typically, with software you really have to describe how the software will end up saving money for the client over time (or increasing productivity, increasing revenue, etc.) Here's an IBM infographic that has been tossed around my group:

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You also have to think about the IT implementation and how the software will communicate and interface with all of the other software tools the company already uses. 
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Mike Cartwright
For SaaS companies, I think it's more about the value that users can get in the software/platform/solution. It's not simply selling, it's being there every step of the cycle -- when a prospect becomes a lead, a lead is acquired, an acquired lead becomes a loyal user, and so on.
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