I got a call today from a "business development representative" from another company looking to partner with our business. Within 2 minutes of chatting he was already throwing specs at me about his product [rolleyes]. I wanted to coach him. 

Key takeaway: Don't use specs to sell your product until you understand your clients needs! 
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I always enjoy when other sellers try to sell me things. [rofl]
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Great point! It's important to focus on benefits, not feautures/specs when discussing solutions. If the seller had understood your key careabouts, they wouldn't have brought up specs in the first place.
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Mike Cartwright
Great point, Wolf! One of the biggest mistakes that a sales rep could do, it'll just waste both your time and it immediately gives the client a not so good impression of you and what you represent. It's important to know what your client needs before pitching. How would you know if the client needs your product/service if you just assume, right? 
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Hi, everyone. What do you think about open-ended questions? Do they really work? In particular, I use these tips:
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