This article is long, but is well worth the few minutes to read. If you are a sales development manager looking to build or optimize a sales development team, this article is for you. Enjoy [smile]

(I have no affiliation with topo, nor do I know much about it, but this is definitely not spam and is worth sharing here)
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Cool. Good find [thumb]. Thanks for sharing!
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60-90 dials to get an appointment with a prospect...seems pretty dang high.

I do agree with the impact of speed to call a lead though. Maybe not the exact times he lists but we have definitely seen success in following up on leads sooner versus leads that age longer. 
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SDRs are assets to any companies so companies should follow certain points to build a SDR Team. Nice points. Thanks.
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James Anderson
Information you have added is quite useful. No doubt it will help businesses that are craving to boost up.
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