I am about to (2 weeks) transition from a developer role to a software sales role at my company. I'd like to learn more about qualification and why it is important (I hear the term thrown around on the sales floor all the time). I get, in theory, why it is important but it seems a bit silly to spend so much time asking questions and not demoing or going through product features with a customer.

Any tips on how to learn qualification skills, advice, etc. is much appreciated. I will be going through formal sales training at my company once I transition. Thanks.
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Hi <coder> and welcome to the Modern Tech Sales community! If you weren't aware, we have resources available on the site. I think a good starting place to help answer your questions regarding qualification would be to read the Qualification page here: http://moderntechsales.com/qualification 

If you have follow up questions or would like to continue the discussion, please feel free to reply here. 

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You have much to learn young padawan...

That is exciting, I hope you like the new role! Once you get some core sales skills down, your technical knowledge and past experience as a developer will serve you well! Best of luck  [thumb]
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Thank you moderntechsales, i found the link. [smile]
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