I am looking for a sales partner who can go out and secure new B2B web design clients.

It would be strictly a Pay per Sale structure/50% of the labor charged. The percentage will include ALL of your efforts(both financial/non-financial) in acquiring new clients as this is a partnership. 

I will design and provide documents that you will need including business cards and email address. If you are not too familiar to the web design industry; I will inform you everything you need to know. The main requirement would be in handling the business end with an understanding of what goes into the service once explained.

I have a website for reference ( a specific page available for you as a digital assistant(

As a partner; you can work on your time and frequency.

You can contact me at 917 864 4071.

This is a brief description and I will go into detail when we speak.

Best Regards,

Antonino Foti
Web/Graphic Designer
Print Specialist
917 864 4071
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James Anderson
So, the role of your partner will be only promoting your sales. And, what's apart from that? What rights they will be enjoying as a partner or what's the limitations. Define it once.
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