Hey sales pros, I'm at a crossroads with my career or at least with my job.  I have worked for the same company for the last two years selling a Cloud property management software system.  The last year has been hell.  I'm frustrated because I am working the hardest of all the reps and have the worst numbers in the company.  Here's the details:

-I have about one fifth the pipeline of any other sales rep in the company
-I have the highest call volume and email volume in the company
-Everyone likes me here
-My boss tells me I'm doing all the right things and to keep at it.
-I haven't hit quota in over a year
-I constantly get told I'm working hard and people respect me for my work ethic

Yet, the numbers tell a different story.  I'm worried I'm going to get fired soon, even though I'm well liked, even by my boss and am told I'm on the right track.

I could blame my territory or the product but other people are selling.  I'm also keeping a positive attitude as best as I can and trying new approaches; calling on existing customers, going to trade shows, and a variety of other tactics that others do in this industry to find deals.  

Anyone gone through something like this and have any thoughts/advice?  At this point, I'm thinking of exiting sales entirely as I'm so frustrated with this role and previous similar roles.

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