So I checked out the engineering sales cycle posted here: Leveraging the Engineering Sales Cycle

I'm curious what some other sales cycles are that people use? I know at a high level they are all relatively the same process, however, I think getting insight into some other methodologies would be helpful. 

What are some other practical sales cycles that you all refer to?
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I like any cycle that explicitly recognizes the monitoring/follow up phase after the solution is delivered. This will ensure long term customer success and ideally bring back repeat business. For example...

1. Establish Relationship
2. Understand Requirements
3. Propose Solution
4. Demonstrate Value
5. Negotiate
6. Close Deal
7. Deliver and FOLLOW UP

As mentioned, you'll spend different amounts of time in each phase depending on the business and scale of solution. 
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NorCalTech has it almost right. Somewhere in there needs to be QUALIFY. I've seen many young Sales Engineers get to Step 4 only to hear "the project is on the back burner" or "we've lost funding" or something to that effect. Understanding the decision making process and the "why" behind number 2 is essential... which to me the sales cycle is:

1. Establish Relationship
2. Qualify the project - BTdoubleN
3. Understand Requirements (I/O, timeline, end user, data management, skill level of integrators, decision making process, etc)
4. Propose Solution
5. Demonstrate Value
6. Negotiate
7. Close Deal
8. Deliver and FOLLOW UP

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For SaaS products we typically follow:

Step 1: Discovery Call
Step 2: Demo
Step 3: 2nd Demo or Trial
Step 4: Enablement & Support
Step 5: Pricing & Packaging
Step 6: Buying & Negotiating
Step 7: WIN [cool]

After this, of course, check in and ENSURE SUCCESS
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