Noticed this section on call preparation. Here are a few basics to help those looking for a step by step process. 

  • Research the account prior to the call?
  • Learn something about the person and their business before the meeting?
  • Send an outline of the agenda to the client before the meeting?
  • Have three value-added points prepared?
  • Bring all materials, brochures, contracts, etc.?
  • Answer the three important pre-call questions:
A. What is the goal of the call?
B. What do I need to find out during the call?
C. What's the next step after the call?

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this is a great outline. I struggled for a while to identify a reliable structure. 
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Whenever I'm cold calling I always ask myself - What is the advance?  Basically, what's the next step in the sales process and how to I smoothly transition with the customer towards the next step. that may be a face to face meeting, a demo, or closing the contract with my paperwork in hand.  Each scenario is different but for me it always comes back to the same question that I started with.

What is my advance?
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Mike Cartwright

Thanks for the link, spaceman45!

I also usually write a sales script, before a cold call. But it's not made up of complete paragraphs that I read verbatim. I just write:

  • my talking points
  • frequently asked questions
  • answers to objections/rejections
My script is a reliable partner, especially when I forget something during a call.
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