Mike Cartwright
Which one to prioritize? Can you really balance quantity and quality when it comes to leads? How do your companies align sales and marketing goals when it comes to leads?
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Both quality and quantity play equivalent roll in overall success when it comes to lead generation. The way you build trust, and your potential customers trust your advice and content when they’re considering a purchase. For experts advise, please click  https://goo.gl/vdSi5D
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Hey Mike, such a tough question to answer, my company is continuously trying to figure it out. But I'll do my best to provide some insight on how we do things to fine tune the right "quantity" and the right "quality" of leads that get fed to our sales dev reps.

First I would say the number or 'quanity' of leads we receive totally depends how many reps we have working leads - ie. if we are fully staffed then the 'flood gates' open to make sure everyone is busy, even if the leads aren't as 'good'. Obviously careful not to overwork the reps or create a pile of sh** that covers the gold within the lead stack. If we are understaffed, less but higher quality leads are fed into the channel. 

Second, I know marketing has a whole scoring model in software to automatically rate the quality of leads (customer clicked something on the site, has an open shopping cart online with items in it, attended an in person event, etc.). The best part, however, is that we as sales reps have a say in how good their model is. We can chatter on Salesforce the direct marketing team associated with a certain product letting them know "hey this lead is not worth converting to a lead" or "hey this type of lead is converting like crazy". If Marketing starts to see a pattern in feedback from us, then they change their software model so it becomes automatic. It is a fluid process but you eventually hone in on something that works pretty well. 

In addition, Marketing has the ability to upload files to Salesforce that sales reps can view that outline the reason they are pursuing a particular marketing campaign to help the sales reps create useful value statements. Opening the channel of communication even further. 

As far as aligning Sales vs Marketing goals, I know the business leaders from each function ensure they are present at each others meetings so they are current and aware of the common goals. I think the more direct and easier you can get the feedback from sales to marketing, and vice versa, the better. 

I would think it would make sense to start very constrictive on the actions that you let trigger a lead, making them higher quality. Then, if your reps are bored and do not have enough work, slowly start loosening the criteria that triggers a lead. What do you think?
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James Anderson
Working in the field of social media marketing, I do get both the type of clients. That means one, who want only quantity and they don't care whether their website is getting organic traffic or not. Another one is whom for I am working right now, they want quality backlinks and nothing to do with quantity.
In order to maintain both quantity and quality together, one needs to be well expert in this field.
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