Paul Robbins
I am gathering data on the viability of military veterans in the field of technology sales and the attributes of top salespersons in the industry. The 10 question survey below (4 min to complete) will help me complete my paper (Capstone project for my graduate degree at George Washington University) and present findings to a start-up company with a mission of training and placing qualified military veterans in technology sales positions. If you are in technology sales, as a salesperson, executive or hiring manager, please take a few moments of your time. Thank you for your consideration. 

Take the survey here:
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Hey Paul, I just filled out your survey. I hope it helps. Good luck with your capstone project!

Also, maybe my computer glitched, but the survey loaded a bit weird and I had to highlight some of the text to read the questions correctly because they were blacked out. Highlighting the text was the only way to see what 2-3 of the questions were. 
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I think military veterans would succeed in technology sales as long as they have at least a foundation level of technical knowledge and communication skills. And are willing to learn. 
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