Hello, I'm curious what the ideal sales call preparation time is to maximize the return on the investment? I feel that at some point you can only prepare and assume so much before getting on a live call. For example, if you prepare like crazy and for one reason or another your assumptions are wrong, then you may not be able to use some of the information you've prepared. What is the balance of doing call preparation but not overdoing it? 
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This is a hard question to answer with a "blanket" answer, as there are many variables that dictate how long you should prepare for a call ie. size of opportunity, familiarity with customer, where they are in the buying cycle, etc. However, for a standard call I would say 10-15 minutes may give you a good return on your investment. As you eluded to, you don't necessarily want to spend too much time preparing since you could be doing other productive things (like advancing other opps), but you also don't want to go into the call blind and potentially leave money on the table! Just my thoughts...
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When I was a rookie I probably spent too much time (around 30 minutes) preparing, but once you gain experience running calls, that reduces greatly. I'd say on average I spend between 5-10 minutes preparing now. Of course, this will fluctuate according to the context of the situation (ie. how important the specific call is) as harborsales mentioned. 
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Depends on what is at stake but I would say no more than 10 minutes!
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I agree that 10 minutes gives me enough time once I know who to call.

I do my own research so once I know the person I find their linked in or an on-site bio and look it over then scan their website for 1-2 pieces of information that I can mention on the call itself to tie back to my value props. Overall 10 mins is enough for this.

The 3x3 idea (3 things in 3 minutes) seems great for writing blog headlines about sales, but hard to execute unless you are handed impeccable data.
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