The guide helped me greatly and the number of closed deals really increased. But, in fact, I’d like to learn some more closing sales techniques. Can anyone share some ideas?

Here a little bit about this:

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ABC - Always Be Closing is the ultimate goal of every salesperson. But to close any deal, one needs to understand and nurture the buyer personas. Sales Development is a process that enables your sales goal to accomplish that ultimate goal i.e. ABC. Hers is an interesting Sales Development Checklist you can refer:  https://marketjoy.com/10-step-sales-development-checklist/ 
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Hey Yulia and welcome 😃

One question that has worked well for me to move towards a close is to ask,

"What questions do you have in order to be able to make a decision?"

This does 2 things. 1. It helps answer any questions the customer still has which you can continue to sell through and 2. if the customer doesn't have any questions, then you can ask, 'well, shall we move forward then?'
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James Anderson
Sales is all about attracting more customers and it's only possible when your customers' feel satisfied. Promotion is necessary but your product or services also matters a lot. Whatever you have promised must be served to the customers.
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