I've been approached by a startup based on my expertise. I'm new to the sales field and trying to understand if I should run or take it on.
This is a SaaS product, and I would be their first US based representative.

- New Deals: Paid 10% commission per month on all payments receive for the lessor of 24 months, or as long as the contract is in place.
- Referrals that sign a contract: Paid 10% commission per month for the lessor of 12 months, or as long as the contract is in place.

What questions should I ask, and/or obstacles to watch for?

Your insight is greatly appreciated.
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Hey bbaroo, 
The main thing I would want to know is how are their current sales going? Is it hard to sell this type of software, is the market saturated, is this software better than the competitors? etc.

The best case scenario is that this company has a truly differentiated software product that their existing customers love. Then the exact commission structure is less important because you will have an easier time selling. The worst case scenario is that the market is overcrowded with software just like theirs and you have to shove it down customer's throats. Or the existing customers do not have positive things to say about the software.

As far as percentages go, the commission you mentioned seems low but it depends on the typical deal price that this company sees. I've never been in a role where I get straight % commission on each sale. I have only been in roles where I have a quota and I have to hit that quota to earn my full salary - so sorry I can't be of too much help there. 

Are you able to share what the software does or what industry it serves?
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