Hi All - I am currently in a technical recruiting role with a major software player as their sole technical recruiter for the Americas. I have been in this role for just over 2 years. I am about 5 years into my professional career with a background in recruiting and outside industrial sales. I anticipate being in my current role for another 6-12 months, gaining further industry experience and preparing for my next role. I feel as though I have learned and grown as much as I am going to through both agency and corporate recruiting. I would like technical software sales to be my next endeavor.

What would be some useful books, training, or knowledge dumps that can prepare me for the leap into software sales? Does the transition from a technical recruiter, being well versed in the product as well as the SDLC, to technical SW sales make sense? My current role is comfortable, easy, I have earned a promotion to senior, and pay is good/reliable, but I hate the idea of complacency and settling for mediocrity. Any advice would be great! 

Thank you!
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