Hey guys, I found this article really insightful for hiring a sales team as a startup:

First, founder driven sales. Second, founder led sales team. One of my favorite interview questions from here is question 4:

If you were to start a company, instead of getting a job right now, what would you do?

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Seems like a solid strategy for early stage startups. I've heard similar feedback from my friend's venture backed startups that they should sell on their own for as long as possible until they absolutely need to start hiring sales people. 
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Thumbs up for this article. [thumb] Thanks for sharing.
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although i am not the type who would make their own start up, nice article here!
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Another great resource here.

Hiring salespeople is hard because some people are only good at selling whey you should hire them!
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Mike Cartwright
Great article, NorCalTech! I bet that startups would find this very useful. It's very crucial to hire the correct people, that being said, find someone that's not there to only do a job but someone who shares your values and passion and someone who have the initiative to help your business grow.
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