Hi everyone,

First and foremost, please advice if this post violates forum’s rules. My intention is only to look for testers for the sales app that I just release the beta version. My goal is to create an app for sales people, like us, that is super easy to use, stressless, better teamwork, fun and most importantly close more deals.

I am looking for beta testers and early adopters to use my app in every manner and reports on any issues such as bugs, errors and crashes. I am also interested in hearing suggestions on how the application can be improved. Getting feedback from real sales users is important to improve the app.

Sign up for free to join the beta test (iOS) at

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James Anderson
I didn't find anything like bugs or alike in this app. So, basically you guys helps businesses to close more deals, do you? Well, overall a good initiative.
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This is an excellent app for Sales personnel for effective team collaboration. I would like to present to you an app that helps in effective communication. Marsview notes is a personal meeting assistant that automatically transcribes, captures even the small details discussed in a call, and provides you a summary report, highlights of the call, and a lot more. Sign up for a free trial at
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