I'm curious as to how everyone list builds here. I know lots of people working in tech sales and they mention how many hours they spend doing it.

I'm curious where everyone gets their information from and whether or not you pay for the info. Anyone else use email Hunter like me?

Would anyone find a use for a data set that only included first name, last name, company & current title, and location?

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Hey iloveselling, and welcome. If i'm doing true "cold" prospecting, I typically use a combination of the advanced search features of LinkedIn with I use LinkedIn to find the type of person I am trying to contact, and then the getemail tool (similar to Email Hunter, which I also use) to find their email. The toughest part for me is keeping track of who I've already contacted and keeping the data organized.

I use the free version of getemail and email hunter. If I could somehow automate the finding of the proper prospect, collection of their email, and sending of the intro email - that would be epic!

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Iloveselling, How do you currently build your lists? Once you pull the data with Email Hunter, what do you do with the data? Do you keep it in Email Hunter or export it to excel or something?

I've also heard LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a good tool for prospecting too. 
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