Let's share some successful sales stories. Have you closed a sale recently that you were proud of? Maybe you've been working on a big contract - what was the turning point in you closing the sale?

How did you feel afterward?

As sales professionals, we are challenged in dealing with different scenarios and sales cycles. I'd love to hear how you've overcome those challenges and prevailed in winning the deal.

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There is nothing better than a big sale closing in time for the end of the quarter [cool]. Luckily that happened for me last week and I am pumped! I think the turning point in helping close the sale was making sure that everyone involved in the project was aware of each others decisions and timelines. A final call to the director to make him more aware helped them decide to move forward this quarter. 
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Hey congrats spaceman45! I'm working on one now that is hoping to close next quarter. There are a few vendors in the mix and it is a highly competitive situation. Trying to work with our technical teams to fix bugs and deliver a perfect product to the customer while keeping up to date with the business leaders' decisions. Once they are happy with the proof of concept, the big order will be placed.
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Mike Cartwright
I'm very proud of the recent sales that I was able to close. I just switched my strategies trying to make it in time before the end of the quarter and it worked. I've had difficulties closing a sale on the actual day of the presentation and switching my strategies helped. I just made sure that I keep my proposals short and simple but on point. I also have my contracts handy for them to sign, unlike before, I create the contracts after the presentation. 
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