A ton of Sales Engineering jobs require a Technical Presentation as part of the interview process. Are there any tips/best practices for putting one of these together? Any help is appreciated.
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My first piece of advice and pet peeve that I have with technical presentations is when the presenter has put way too many words on a slide ie. every tech spec in the manual listed right there in the presentation. Often times in tiny font that is impossible to read. Keep the slides clutter free. If you need to include specs, create a specifications slide at the end that people can refer to. 

Second, since you specifically asked about an interview, I'm assuming you have the ability to choose the content that you present on. Pick something you are familiar with and enjoy. Maybe a project from a past job, a hobby, internship, senior design project, etc. If you aren't interested in the material yourself, don't think that you'll be able to captivate & entertain others. 

Third, "tell 'em what you are going to tell 'em. Tell 'em. Tell 'em what you told 'em." In other words, be structured with an agenda, content, and summary. 
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