Don't let the topic title scare you. This would be for internal training purposes only. 

I'm looking for some sort of tool to record role play conversations internally. I'd like to be able to play the conversations back and analyze them at a later date with the team. This would not be for external customer facing use. We do a lot of internal role playing over the phone and I would like to record the dialogue.
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I found this piece of software called CallRail. It looks like you can try it for free for 14 days then it is $30/month after that.
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You can use Skype as well.
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We place calls using SalesLoft, and it has a call recorded that's very handy. 
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This tool looks like it has a feature to record your call (among many many others!):
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Mike Cartwright

Our team has also been using Tenfold as our CTI provider for quite some time now. It is integrated with our CRM. Therefore, it automatically logs all our calls. 100%. We don't even need to save it. (Thank God for technology, sales process are now more efficient.)

They also have a call analytics dashboard feature which has been very helpful in assessing our own performances. It might be helpful to your team too. 

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