Hey guys!

I haven’t been on this forum lately but wanted to reach out to everyone on here as help to propel and launch their company and increase sales.

What would you say is your biggest weakness?

- Cold calling
- Presentation 
- Selling value over price 
- Motivation 
- Lead generation 
- Overcoming objections 
- Closing 

I would like to hear - What’s your biggest weakness? Where do you find holes in your sales game? What challenges do you face? And most importantly what would it mean to you to overcome your weakness? 

Let’s talk about it and help us all become successful by sharing stories, techniques, and tips. I train other companies in various industries and hold 1 on 1 training webinars. If you’re interested in learning more shoot me a message or send me an email at:

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Easily cold calling, Of course you have to push through it and you get alot of hang ups and no's but you feel great when you have that one person pick up. 
Usually I break up my cold calling, I'll do "x" amount of calls in 30 minutes, give it an hour and go back at it. It tends to be a good way to not kill off alot of motivation. 
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I was talking to my friend who works as a Sales leader, in an IT company. He told me that giving training to objections handling was the toughest part. The representatives may come across different situations now and then, as a sales leader they should be able to clear the doubts of the representatives. In such cases, they have to review the calls from the beginning and it was a time-consuming task. 
Especially when it was onsite training it different but now during this pandemic, it is completely a daunting task for the sales leaders. This is where I suggested to him about a meeting assistant that automatically captures every small detail discussed on call and presents them with a summary, highlight, and a lot more. It easily collaborates with their CRM also. I asked him to try Marsview notes
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