Hey to all sales people!

I’m currently trying to find out how one can meet and exceed their sales quota
Which is why I have two very simple questions:
  1. As a young professional, what are the 2 biggest issues you’re dealing with?
  2. In your sales job, if there could be one thing that helps you to be more successful, what would it be
Thanks so much in advance – looking forward to reading your answers!

I show young sales people how to smash their sales quotas and over-perform within 90 days,
without having to work long 60-hour weeks and using weak sales tactics.

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The biggest issue for a sales rep is handling objections. Young professionals need good training in handling calls, objections, and products. They can be trained with a lot of examples. Especially by listening to calls of other reps will help them more in handling objections. 
The biggest support they can receive is recording calls and reviewing them, which makes them understand the mistakes and objections better. 
Hope I have answered somewhat to your question
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