Hey everyone,

I hope the title was captivating enough to bring you here. 😃 (come on.. I used a smiley). But seriously I need some career advice. I'm at a crucial crossroads. I work for one of the big tech giants in a sales specialist role (overlay). How I got here is a long story but here are the cliff notes:

I started my career in sales right out of college but I gave up on it 2yrs in for a steady paycheck. I went the tech-guy route (and for the next 15yrs my career skyrocketed). I reached the pinnacle of what tech-guys' would think is the creme de la creme. I won't bore you with the specifics but I had the juice in the city and I was in the mid 2-hundo in pay. In my geo the glass ceiling was pressing against my head.

However, I got to the point where I always regretted giving up on sales so early in my career. I know why I gave up back then... I was impetuous, so I made a young kid decision. Someone recognized I was good with tech and said "hey this kid has a personality" and gave me an opty to jump over, so went for the easier money. I was tired of starving with a $25K base salary (bustin' my @55 and getting nowhere) while all my other friends were making $60K all day long (again this was right out of college).

Now I made the switch back to sales from sales-engineer last year because I was tired of being every sales-guy/gal's resource.  Resource being the nice word, I'm sure you know what I mean... 

I was given the opty to switch back because over the years I grew, became more mature, more grounded, more professional, I could speak well in front of execs - and even if I do say so myself - I am a hell of a technical seller based on my background.

So based on a referral from my past performances, I found myself in this overlay role selling an emerging product for this company, but things are going horrible. I am here way too early for this product. I may not sell a dime this year. I took a $95K hit to get back into sales. My wife wants to kill me. We are living paycheck to paycheck, there is no vacation this year, we are bickering about small purchases. We have just the bare minimum we need to survive. I've just about burned through all of my liquid savings because I wanted to take the risk and jump back to sales. Of course my OTE was supposed to be in the low $300(s).. BS! Seriously, I may pull a buck-fifty this year if I'm lucky.

I need the advice of everyone out there. I'm hoping someone will say dude.. no one makes any money yr1 and I just need to persist, but (if you've ever seen an MMA fight) I'm tapping out hard core right now. I don't know what to do. I don't want to quit and retreat back to being "tech-guy" again it will be the ultimate career embarrassment for me, but my home life is crumbling. I haven't even been in this job for a year.. I'm trying to segue to other companies but no one will touch me with a 10ft pole. I'm sure its because my resume says: 2yrs sales dude - 15yrs tech guy - 7mo sales dude and now I want to jump.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Hi OldNewbie,

I think we are all struckeling in life and are hoping to make the right choices. 
You must do where you are feeling good at. 
I have sold by last business while i didn't have to do that. The management fee where sky high but i had no fun anymore.  I had sales people around me but i didn't get a grip on them so i tried different systems and than the idea game for my new company.
It took me 4 years to develop the cms. 2 failures with 2 company's and now the tech guys are share holders. In my head it is the perfect cms because it has interaction and the prospect and customer is involved in the whole sales process. We starten in January this year but man it is heavy to put it in the market. Why? Well if you work with it as a sales guy you can never say again ' i have called him and next month i ring him back' while he didn't do it. In our system the customer is involved so he see's what happens. So many people only think that they are being checked. Well i don't want to sell the cms but it gives the sales grip on the customer and the manager gets more grip on his sales. So now and then i also think am i making the right choice to do this while i also can go back to my old company and make much more money because no i am a startup but there i is was sad. Now i am eager, fighting, disapointing and very very happy if a suspect is making a account on our system (free). So if you do it for the money take a look at this film 

Maybe it inspires you

If you do it for yourself (and ofcourse your family) go where your feeling is. 

Good luck with your choices.

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