Just wondering, what features and functions would field sales agents be looking for in lead management/sales facilitation software? And what would...

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    Started by electricisle92

  • the ultranoob salesman ever

    Hey guys!!! So, i really want to be a great salesman, to make sales. Problem is i really dont know what to say and i think ask the wrong...

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    Started by LavarBalll

  • New Role

    Hi everybody, As a result of accelerated growth and bringing on a new significant client, Altus is looking for a new Senior Project Manager,...

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    Started by liatm

  • Looking for advice on why I'm failing

    Hey sales pros, I'm at a crossroads with my career or at least with my job. I have worked for the same company for the last two years selling a...

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    Started by jfrink

  • Sales Contests Do's and Don'ts

    Here are some great tips to read before launching a sales contest that I found! I've seen several contests flop, but these are some great ideas to...

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    Started by KaleiWhite

  • who would you work for in Oklahoma?

    I'm new here and would appreciate your advice on tech sales employment. I live in Oklahoma and was wondering if anyone had companies they would...

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    Started by mpattis

  • Free tools for emails and phone numbers

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good free tools or plugins that help a.) find emails or b.) find direct dials for phone numbers?...

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    Started by BobDigital33

  • New Sales Role

    Hey guys I'm back!! And in a new role with a new company. What kind of advice would to give to someone starting out in a new sales position? What...

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    Started by Norcal707

  • Help with CRM Survey

    Hi everyone! I am working on an app that I hope will help sales professionals. I'd love some insights for this, can you complete this survey on...

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    Started by hsh

  • Sales Development

    Hi All - I am currently in a technical recruiting role with a major software player as their sole technical recruiter for the Americas. I have been...

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    Started by Pfahl

  • Woe is me.. need some advice BIGTIME!

    Hey everyone, I hope the title was captivating enough to bring you here. 😃 (come on.. I used a smiley). But seriously I need some career advice....

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    Started by OldNewbie

  • Commission rate cut in half if lead if provided to you

    Is it normal for a workstation company to pay half the commission rate if it a sale from a warm or hot leave they provided to you? More info......

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    Started by Kikoalalily

  • Marketer trying to help my reps in the field...

    What do you guys want from your marketing staff in terms of sending you sales content, putting it where you can access it via mobile, getting your...

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    Started by RonBurgundy

  • Snaphud - Tool Discussion

    Hello, I am Adam the COO from Snaphud. We have developed a sales enablement tool that helps you discover and get access to all decision makers in a...

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    Started by adamsnaphud

  • Sales Tips

    Help! I'm running out of sales tips to share on our Twitter account. The ones I find when I run a search on Twitter seem to be the same ones, just...

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    Started by QCommission

  • When a customer says "YES"

    Hey guys, Fairly new to sales but have had recent success in the last upcoming months and everything is coming along great. There have been a few...

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    Started by Norcal707

  • How to penetrate an account

    I have a customer that I've been trying to work for some time now. I closed accounts with all his neighbors nearby (similar businesses). I use...

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    Started by Norcal707

  • Small accounts Vs. Large Accounts

    I've decided to only dedicate myself to large accounts recently. I wanted to see how others feel about this strategy or if anyone has gone this...

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    Started by Norcal707

  • Successful Sales Stories

    Let's share some successful sales stories. Have you closed a sale recently that you were proud of? Maybe you've been working on a big contract - what...

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    Started by Norcal707

  • Proposals

    I'm thinking of changing my proposal layout and I wanted to know what you guys think. So typically after I perform a site walkthrough I go back to...

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    Started by Norcal707

  • What is the best way to ask for a raise?

    How can I ask for a raise? I want to make more money, and I'm not exactly sure how to ask my manager.

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    Started by salesdev_RJ

  • Last day of Q2!!

    Tomorrow's the last day of the quarter. Good luck everyone . Hope you are on track to hit your goals!

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    Started by the_wolf_of_tech_sales

  • Paid User Research Study for Startup $50 for 30 - 45 min.

    I work for a Startup company and we're conducting a usability study for a software product - an AI-driven sales presentation tailoring app that...

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    Started by Cerina

  • How to build sales urgency

    How do you guys typically build sales urgency to get prospects to quickly move forward? I'm curious to see what other strategies and tactics you...

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    Started by Norcal707

  • Research on military veterans in technology sales and qualities for success

    I am gathering data on the viability of military veterans in the field of technology sales and the attributes of top salespersons in the industry....

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    Started by Paul Robbins